Why You Need to Buy Bitcoin – RIGHT NOW.

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The newly crowned wealthiest human-being on the planet is now SpaceX/PayPal/Tesla founder Elon Musk. Said Billionaire, is now he first one his kind to purchase Bitcoin, publicly endorse it, and also allow consumers to use such crypto-currency to purchase Tesla products. This massively huge move is just the beginning. Because of this, Bitcoin’s price has surged to an all-time new high, and will continue to do so as more and more tech and finance moguls begin to invest in the crypto-currency.

This is why we at BuyerTrading.com believe that now is the time to invest in Bitcoin. Elon’s gesture is just the beginning for businesses. More and more will begin to accept the crypto-currency from consumers as the inflation of the U.S. Dollar continues to rise and lose value. The recent Robinhood/GameStop fiasco has also placed an immense amount of doubt in the global stock market. It does not look like an appealing investment now that many are aware of how super hedge funds and broker services like Robinhood are able to easily manipulate the market. Baring people from buying or selling is a power that was used reprehensibly.

Take at look at this video from Andrei Jikh, whom speaks much about the futures of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all of crypto, we highly recommend his channel:

This article by the Garudian is also a great reference to learn more about Tesla, and Elon’s involvement with Bitcoin: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/feb/08/tesla-bitcoin-price-new-high-elon-musk-dogecoin

As Bitcoin becomes more widely accepted in business transactions, and traditional forms of currency begin to lose value (along with the growing doubt around the global stock market) the value of the crypto-currency will undoubtedly boom in 2021. Now is the time to invest. But please, remember to have a plan, and invest wisely.

PREDICTION: As of 02/08/2021 @ 5:45pm CST the price of BTC is $46,380.80

We are predicting BTC to exceed $50,000 within the year 2021. No specific time frame can be given as to how quickly however.

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